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DSLR Video Tutorial Lesson: Basic & Advanced Techniques

Nikon educational DSLR video tutorial gets you started shooting video with your DSLR camera: 

There’s an art and a science to creating great cinema. You bring the art, we’ll help explain the science.

In this newest DSLR Video Tutorial series, “HD-SLR Video Tips,” Nikon presents tips and techniques to assist you as you build upon/expand your HD-SLR cinematography skills. If you are brand new to filming or simply just don’t know where to start, we’re here to help take the fear out of video capture. Or maybe you have the basics mastered but you’re looking to increase your skill set. Either way, there’s always something new to learn as technology evolves.

Nikon - At the heart of the image
This collection of videos is quick and to the point—each two-minute video walks the viewer through a single tip or technique in step-by-step fashion that is easy to understand. Topics will range from white balance, composition, depth of field, audio (from beginner to advanced), to lighting techniques and more. If you’d like to read more about these topics click through to our Learn & Explore articles listed below:

Enjoy watching from a large screen monitor or your mobile device, and be sure to check back often–new videos are added regularly.

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About The Contributor

Photo by Sam Garcia

Steve Heiner

After working as a photojournalist for several hometown newspapers in his native state of Utah, Steve Heiner joined Nikon in 1985 as a Technical Representative in Dallas, Texas. He later worked in Sunnyvale, California; Salt Lake City, Utah and eventually New York. During his time in the field, Steve provided technical assistance and training to pro photographers during major sporting and news events. He has trained government and military specialists around the country and while at sea. For two years Steve also taught courses for the Nikon School of Photography. He joined the Nikon management team in the Melville headquarters in 1999. Today he holds the position of Senior Technical Manager and Media Spokesperson. Photo by: Sam Garcia

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  • Carlitos

    Great series, it explained a lot. I just boght the D5200 and waned to try video and this is a good start. Which microphone would be best for filming in auditorium?

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  • Maximiliano Belli

    Thanks for the tutorials they are very clear and helpful.
    I wanto to know what brand of viewfinder you use on Nikon D800, what you recomend?
    thanks a lot

  • Veronica Spriggs

    THANK you! Amazing information as always. I was joyfully surprised this is available for free. I’m having trouble with video on my D90 planning an upgrade to the D600

  • Raymond Saenz

    I have been shooting video professionally in the Television broadcasting business, in Southern California for 26 years, 10 years as a freelancer. I have shot video with virtually every broadcast quality camera imaginable, starting with Ikegami and the first Betacams to the mini formats and now the DSLRs, but all of my life since college, my personal cameras have always been Nikon. I have been waiting for a long time for you guys to get into the video end of the business. Your cameras and lenses are by far the best available.

    This video series by Steve Heiner is very well done. Obviously you guys know your stuff; Nice use of cutaways and audio fades and underlays…. This series should help any amateur to learn solid movie-making technique. Nice job.

  • clement chan

    good and systematic teaching

  • Charles Fafilek

    Great job Nikon. Very useful for us beginners. I was waiting for this.

  • Dave

    It should be noted that a shotgun microphone is NOT like a telephoto lens and should NOT be mounted on the camera as your main audio input source. A professional audio person should be hired to properly record your sound.

  • Joan DiPetto

    PLEASE stop the autoplay video. I will play it when I’m ready. Every time I restart Safari or reboot the computer, I hear music and talking over my LOUD speakers, even when on the phone! (And PLEASE use BLACK TYPE here.)

  • Scenegraphy Studio

    Great tutorial videos. Keep it coming. I use the Nikon D810 for my professional videography. Fantastic camera. Scenegraphy Studio

  • jb

    All these tips are great, but when I try them, I find it difficult to keep the focus throughout the shot. Any tips on that? If I am in 1920:1080 fps 30 and shutter speed 60, those numbers change if I use auto anything. Is it possible to keep focus in manual. My subject isn’t always still–i.e. someone walking up to a house and then knocking on the door.