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PES Announces Campaign For “Submarine Sandwich” Stop-Motion Animated Film

“Hockey gloves that look like a pile of wieners.”
“Footballs are definitely roast beef.”
“Provolone cheese will be these smelly tube socks from the ‘70s.”

These are just a few of the visions running through the mind of Santa Monica-based creator PES. “I want to tweak what you think of the familiar world around you, so that the next time you see the familiar world you too can never look at it the same way again.”

PES is using a vintage deli case and loading it with meaty delights for Submarine Sandwich, his next short film that will be shot entirely with the Nikon D810. Well known as “the guy who makes you want to eat plastic,” PES will take the art of the sandwich to the next level. But there’s a kicker: production is to be entirely stop-motion—an incredibly time-consuming but fantastic medium that makes inanimate objects come to life in a whimsical, and for PES, appetizing way. And for the first time in his career PES is taking collaboration to the masses with a new Kickstarter campaign (click here to check it out).


Deemed the third installment in his “Food Trilogy,” Submarine Sandwich was preceded by PES’ Western Spaghetti, voted Time Magazine‘s number 2 Internet Video of 2008, and Fresh Guacamole, the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar.

Three Year Old Submarine Sandwich

PES confides that he has been mulling over and prepping his Submarine Sandwich for three years; it will be his largest film to date. “We’ll be creating our own old school deli inspired by New York classics of the 1920s. NYC is where the submarine sandwich was born.”

He continues, “This concept all began with a single image in my head: a boxing glove in a deli slicer with its knuckles to the blade. I love taking something mundane and transforming it into the unexpected through the animation process.” For Submarine Sandwich, PES plans to take all the stuff he’s collected—scarred boxing gloves, time-worn footballs, hockey gloves and chunky baseball mitts—and slice up each in order to build the tastiest sandwich ever.

This will be the biggest stop-motion production he’s planned to date, hence the crowdfunding effort using Kickstarter. “My films may be short, but they’re not cheap. I need sets, props, fabrication, cameras, lights, space—everything that live action productions need.”

Stop-Motion with the Nikon D810

“I’m thrilled that Nikon has come onboard as my lead campaign sponsor. This has allowed me to get a jumpstart on purchasing some equipment and props,” he says. He furthers that the Kickstarter pledge funds will help underwrite everything from fabricating half-cut footballs to hiring model-makers and animators.

PES will be using the new Nikon D810 Animator’s Kit to grab every frame of this stop-motion film. “This means Submarine Sandwich will likely be the first 8K stop-motion film ever made,” enthuses PES when referring to the D810’s nearly 8K 36.3MP resolution imaging sensor.

There are no special effects in a PES short film. The creator honors the classic technique of stop-motion animation, a method in use for more than 100 years, combined with the latest digital imaging technology. Despite the significant advances in imaging technology and software (such as the Dragonframe software PES uses for his films), stop-motion remains as time-consuming a technique today as it has been in the past. To create a stop-motion work of art, PES must physically move his objects, or characters, ever so slightly then fire off a photo frame. Depending upon what’s being captured, this may mean he stands for hours on end shooting thousands of image stills. It can take nine to 12 hours a day just to produce three seconds of film—now that is commitment.

How You Can Help

Join the 27.5 million viewers who have already seen a PES creation, and be sure to head over to the Kickstarter page (by August 13, 2014). Submarine Sandwich has already been named a Kickstarter Staff Pick and is listed in Kickstarter’s “Projects We Love” for the week of July 20, 2014. View the Kickstarter page here.

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Nikon - At the heart of the image

Gear Used

To shoot Submarine Sandwich PES will be using the Nikon D810 Animator’s Kit, which includes the following:

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